Quite often people planning a trip to the Netherlands ask me where to go when visiting Amsterdam. Of course they don’t want to know about restaurants and musea but are keen on info about erotic highlights in and around Amsterdam.
Red Light District

Map Red Light District Amsterdam

Most famous area in Amsterdam is “The Red Light District”. This area can be found when walking on the “Damrak” in the direction of the Central Station. Turn right at the “Oudebrugsteeg” and you’re there!
Beware of pickpockets en street vendors offering fake drugs!

Best time to visit is in the afternoon and (of course) at night. You’ll find lots of sex
shops with a large assortment of sex toys, dildo’s, (fetish) clothing, condoms, whips, handcuffs and whatever you can think of. Mind: these shops close at 22:00!

Strolling along the “Windows” is fascinating too: so many ladies offer their services amply dressed and: when curtains are closed you can be sure a client is inside!

The Old Sailor
If you’d like a closer view on the action I can recommend a visit to “The Old Sailor”, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 39. With some patience you can find a table at a window with a fantastic view on some windows. While enjoying a draft you can check how long (or how short) clients stay inside when visiting a hooker.

If you are into some explicit fun I would recommend visiting a “Live Sex Show”. Famous theaters are “Casa Rosso”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Bananenbar” etc. Mind: If you take a seat in the front row you may become part of the action! I’m planning to visit one of these shows soon; dressed in a sexy outfit hoping they drag me on stage :)
More info here!

After spending some hours strolling along the windows, sexshops and maybe attending a life show you will be in the mood for some real action.
Showboat Zaandijk
Visiting a couples club is a great way of spending a night in an erotic environment. I would recommend a visit to “The Showboat” in Zaandijk. It’s only a few kilometers from the center of Amsterdam and a taxi service will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back late at night; of course at a reduced fare. It’s a perfectly safe place to enjoy some great erotic experiences; both for couples and singles. Have a look at their website for more information.

Feel free to drop me a line when you want more information about erotic fun in The Netherlands, Belgium or France!

Have Fun!